Road Trip Exhibit at the Saratoga Public Library

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I am pleased to announce that I have an exhibit of photographs on display in the lobby of the Saratoga Public Library. It’s my hometown library, so I’m happy to be there! I originally submitted an application over two years ago, but the demand was such that I was scheduled two years in advance. Well, the time finally came and we installed the exhibit on Monday. It will be up through Friday, March 1, 2019.

I choose the theme “Road Trip.” Here is the description I included in the exhibit:

I enjoy taking road trips, whether they be long distance or just for the day. Aside from having radar for taquerias and Mexican restaurants, I always look for interesting roadside vignettes. Neon signs and unusual or abandoned structures are high on my list, especially those that show age or a sense of place.

Several of these images come from the Bay Area while driving around looking for things to photograph. The one exception is the oak tree in Fremont Older, which was made while hiking in the preserve. But I felt that it fit with the other local images, so it is included here. Other images were made elsewhere in California, while another batch comes from New Mexico, a state I have driven extensively and never tire of. One last image comes from an amazing automobile junk yard in Georgia.

Many of my photographs are manipulated with post-processing techniques that add texture and mood. I began experimenting with these processes using apps on my iPhone and have since transferred them to Photoshop.

More of my photographs can be found at my website, including many from the Bay Area. Other photographic interests include railroads and railroaders, automobiles, commercial archeology, and musicians.

All prints are hand-signed and titled, and framed using archival materials. For inquiries, contact Curt using one of the methods below.

I made a gallery of the images that are on display, which you can view here. If you live in or around Saratoga, I hope you can see the prints in person!

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